Corporate Secretary

The Board of Directors’ communication function is one of the main roles of the Corporate Secretary to perform, both internally and externally, so as to ensure that the principles of GCG are conducted in a proper manner. The implementation of the Company’s activities, both business and activities that are related to the social responsibilities, are also the focus of the Corporate Secretary’s duties. On the other hand, the Corporate Secretary acts as a government relation who has an objective to generate and maintain Mitrabara’s goodwill in the eyes of all regulators and in accordance with the business ethics and compliance.

Through the establishment of Corporate Secretary function, Mitrabara ensures that all information can be reported timely, accurately and transparently, to the related institutions, Shareholders, and other stakeholders.

Corporate Secretary was established pursuant to the regulations of Financial Services Authority number 35/POJK.04/2014 on the Corporate Secretary Position in Public Company. 

Duties of Corporate Secretary

The followings are the duties of Corporate Secretary of the Company:

  • Coordinating the implementation of GMS and other activities of the Company.
  • Participating in the meetings of Board of Directors and Board of Commissioners and drafting minutes of meetings.
  • Keeping up with the development of regulations, particularly those prevailing in Capital Market, and participating in various seminars, workshops and meetings conducted by OJK, IDX, PT Kustodian Sentral Efek Indonesia and Indonesian Issuers Association, as well as other institutions.
  • Preparing Annual Report of Mitrabara and the publication of financial statements in the newspaper.
  • Submitting financial statements to the regulators periodically.
  • Providing inputs to the Board of Directors in order to maintain the Company’s compliance with the Capital Market regulations, Law of Limited Liability Company, and other rules.
  • Acting as the liaison or contact person between the Company and other third parties, such as the Shareholders, mass media, OJK, IDX, and other Capital Market authorities.
  • Coordinating activities conducted by the Company.
  • Ensuring that all reports submitted by the Company to all authorities are presented in a proper and timely manner.

Corporate Secretary Address:

Graha Baramulti
Kompleks Harmoni Blok 8A
Jl. Suryopranoto No. 2
Central Jakarta 10130
Phone : (62-21) 6385 6211
Fax     : (62-21) 6385 2326
Email :


Chandra Lautan

Corporate Secretary