A community development program to teach how to grow crops well. The communities’ culture in northern Borneo in agriculture is shifting cultivation. For this reason, the Company creates this program to teach how to grow crops without having to open a new land every year.


An attempt to boost the local economy with the development of tilapia cultivation. In this fisheries program, the Company works in cooperation with the existing farmer groups in Malinau cities called, farmers' groups "Karya Bersama”

Tofu and Mushroom SME
This is a small and medium businesses development program in Langap village, in order to develop the cultivation of tofu and mushrooms in the district of South Malinau, North Borneo.

Eucalyptus Oil Refinery Training
The program is intended to introduce the eucalyptus oil refinery for senior high school students. This training is given as an enhancer in addition to knowledge and teaches students to create the industry's household economy as well.