Safety and Health

Safety and Health

K3L Program

Through the Department of Health & Safety, PT. Mitrabara Adiperdana Tbk is formulating excellent programs in Health, Safety and Environment to manage the high risk of working for the Company in carrying out operational activities. Specifically, this program aims to reduce the incidence of accidents, eliminate human error that contributes to the cause of accidents, increase the contribution of save working, and increasing the role of supervisors in the process of better safety.

Safety Talk

To perform a routine safety morning talk is a key component of a safety program that has been planned. Intended to remind employees to always put safety at work.

Safety Training

To explain the dangers of fire and how to use the small fire extinguisher tool.

Gymnastic Program

Engaging the junior high students in SMP Negeri 1 South Malinau join the gymnastic program together with PT Mitrabara Adiperdana workers in Loreh Village square.

Drug Counseling

Counseling programs for students of SMP Negeri 1 South Malinau about the dangers of the narcotics, psychotropic and other addictive substances consumption. We wish for a healthy young generation.